Restructure Information

Purdue Pharma’s bankruptcy case was heard before the Supreme Court of the United States in December 2023. In June 2024, the Court voted 5-4 against third-party releases contained in the Plan of Reorganization. The decision does nothing to deter us from the twin goals of using settlement dollars for opioid abatement and turning the company into an engine for good. We are reaching back out to creditors and renewing our pursuit of a resolution that delivers billions of dollars of value for opioid abatement and allows the Company to emerge from bankruptcy as a company with a public-minded mission. The Supreme Court’s decision does not affect Purdue’s operational stability or our ability to produce medications safely and effectively. We continue to operate fully, honoring our existing relationships and meeting our obligations to our partners and customers. The company will continue serving patients who rely on our medicines, and working to introduce new medicines that will help save and improve lives.


With a dedicated team and a robust pipeline of novel therapy candidates, we work to develop important new medicines that can meaningfully improve the lives of patients around the world.

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Imbrium is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to advancing medical science through the development of important new therapeutics.

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Our robust and diversified pipeline of investigational therapy candidates has been built to address many serious medical conditions.

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Imbrium is dedicated to collaborating with commercial and academic partners to advance novel therapies that address unmet patient need. We welcome the opportunity to learn about new drug development programs and technologies in the areas of CNS, oncology chemotherapeutics, and non-opioid pain. Please reach us at .